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what a week.

this week has probably been the best week out of my whole summer. ive spent it with all the people i love. within the week i hung out with hillary alot and that was nice because we hadnt hung out for a while. i also got to spend time with jessica. and yesterday i got to spend time with my 2 best friends TOGETHER. me erin and jen. just like old times. lock, shock and barrel.

i have alot of pictures from last night.

first we started off by going to mc d's to eat. then we decided we would go to dennis the menace park...

then we had a photo shoot.

then we got locked in so we had to slip under the fence.. :(

then we saw steven! and we were gonna throw water ballons at him but we didnt because we liked his pink bike.

then we bought a cake and threw it at cars.

haha way too many pictures. but a very fun night

<3 i love my friends
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that bike is soo cute. its not a pf bike is it?
i have no clue. i know it had a margarita glass on the front. :)

awwww playing in playgrounds are soooooooo funny!! AND OH MY GOSHH!!!!!!!!!! STEAL THAT BIKE FOR ME PLLLLLLLLLEASE!
i wanted to but it was his grandmas!!!!

and i felt bad :(

awesome pics :] aww i like that pink bike its so cute

awwwwah you guys are tooo cute.
i hate my spots, but i love you <3